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3 ways to boost your corporations’ Social Media Retention Rates

Your job as an entrepreneur involves a great deal of different jobs, and one of them is being in charge of social media. Managing your social media is more than being clever on Twitter! You also need to know what things get reactions and interactions, and what do not. You need to know how your company is not just gaining, but keeping customers. How can you boost your corporation’s social media retention rate?
take accountability for mistakes
This is all new stuff you’re learning, and just like any good entrepreneur, this means trying new things and sometimes making mistakes. True leadership comes from being capable of both recognizing and taking accountability for your mistakes. It can be easy as “The Boss” to pretend that you are not responsible, but the opposite is true. When a mistake is made, it’s your responsibility to take the blame, repair the relationship, and then retrain your staff. The Responsibility, Repair, Retrain model creates not only true leadership in yourself, but loyalty in your staff, so know you’ve got their backs.
build impeccable customer communication
48% of consumers said they preferred SMS messaging to receive communications with a company. Especially during recovery from a traumatic event like a pandemic, multiple daily emails and pressing contacts can be overwhelming for customers. Wait patiently and know your demographic, and use your marketing skills widely. It’s better to have a more clever, well placed and put together ad texted to loyal customers in a day than it is to have multiple points of contact daily with less well-crafted advertisements.
practice using video
Your videos don’t have to be perfectly honed to be useful to your loyal clients. If you have customers following you on social media, being able to find a way to interact with them on a more intimate level with new products is great! When you make store changes or product shifts for seasons, quick little videos help with your branding and can be both folksy and intimate. It doesn’t need to be perfect: use good lighting and have fun!

Your customers are with you for a reason. You want them to stay, so your job is to keep producing that reason over and over again. That emotional link does help your customers keep coming back. Sometimes that means being vulnerable as the boss, by accepting responsibility or appearing on video!
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