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Local Business Directories Services

Optimizing Business Listings to Improve Local Visibility

EpicListings develops, submits and maintains listings in local business directories. Bringing extensive SEO insight to our listing services, EpicListings will position your listings – as well as your site and your company – for optimal visibility in search engines and local markets.
How EpicListings Works

EpicListings is focused on making your business as prominent as possible to the people who are searching for your products and/or services. To do this:

  • We identify the top sites where listings for specific businesses should be featured, based on the location of the business, the industry and other factors.
  • We carefully submit the business listings to the selected directories.
  • We correct existing business listings that may be outdated or incorrect.
  • We immediately update changes in business’ contact info, disseminating the new info ASAP to all directories.
  • We can add additional important information about businesses, including product/service lists, event calendars, staff bios, etc.

Our attention to detail, coupled with our SEO and Internet marketing experience, allows us to effectively disseminate optimized business listings to 50+ directories within 10 business days. This means that your business and its website can start gaining more traction in search engines – and with potential new clients – in as little as a few weeks.

benefits of epiclistings
local search engine optimization
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Improved rankings in SERPs
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Enhanced profiles for Google My Business
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Consistent, accurate information about businesses across a variety of sites
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Better visibility in mobile searches
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More traffic to a business’ website
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More conversions, new leads and new business
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