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Facebook Marketing Services

Enhance Your Business’ Visibility on Facebook

Facebook dominates the realm of social media – and many people’s time online. In fact, at least 1.5 billion people are active on Facebook every month, and about 700 million people worldwide use Facebook every day.

What may be more compelling to know, however, is that Facebook users are far more likely to purchase products and/or services from businesses that have an active, engaging Facebook presence – or from businesses that their friends like or recommend on Facebook.

Let Epic Visibility create a strong presence for your business on Facebook so you can connect directly with potential new clients who may be looking for your products and/or services.

At Epic Visibility, we offer a range of affordable, flexible social media marketing plans for businesses looking to gain traction on Facebook.

Don’t have a Facebook account yet? No problem – we can set up and optimize an account for your business.

Has your business’ Facebook account been inactive for a while? Or is it struggling to gain a following? We can breathe new life into your business’ Facebook page, putting your business front and center among Facebook users to maximizing your visibility.

Cultivating Business Through Facebook

Having Epic Visibility oversee your business’ Facebook account can yield a number of benefits, including (but not limited to):

  • Expanding your business’ network of friends in Facebook, as well as in other social media platforms
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Enhancing your site’s rankings
  • Developing a “voice” for your business that can go a long way to establishing a personal connection with potential new clients
  • Creating a buzz online about your business, as well as its unique offerings, events and/or opportunities.
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