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Instagram Marketing Services

Enhance Your Business’ Visibility on Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, especially among younger users.

While that fact alone may be reason enough to showcase your business on Instagram, there may be an even more compelling reason to do so. And that can lie in personalizing your business to potential clients by using visual content to drive engagement.

Let Epic Visibility create a strong presence for your business on Instagram so you can connect directly with potential new clients.

At Epic Visibility, our range of affordable, flexible social media marketing plans let business owners choose how aggressive they want to be about gaining traction on Instagram and other social networks.

Don’t have an Instagram account for your business? Don’t worry, we can set up and optimize an Instagram page for your business.

Has your Instagram account been inactive for a while? Or do you need help developing a better following? Epic Visibility can breathe new life into your business’ Instagram account, leveraging it to maximize your brand’s visibility and pull online.
Growing Businesses through Instagram

With Epic Visibility managing your business’ Instagram account, your business can effectively:

  • Tell a compelling story while showcasing your brand’s unique voice and personality
  • Cultivate an emotional connection with users – People are far more likely to emotionally react to and connect with images (rather than text).
  • Geo-tag posts in order to enhance your business’ exposure and reach in local markets
  • Drive more traffic to your website and potentially see better rankings in search engines
  • Feature your business’ unique offerings, events and/or opportunities while possibly even allowing users to generate content for you (via contests, campaigns, etc.).
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