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Putting Your Business on the Local Map

Get your business on local maps & get noticed by potential clients in local markets.

Having an up-to-date business listing in prominent online maps can be pivotal to appealing to new potential clients.

In fact, when current business listings are featured in the right local maps, potential clients can immediately find out where a business is and how to get in touch with that business. They can also see pictures of storefronts, bringing a business to life, helping it stand above its competitors when people are ready to take action.

At Epic Visibility, we help businesses get on local maps and optimize their listings in them. Known for providing innovative, cost-effective marketing solutions, Epic Visibility can maximize the visibility of your business in local markets so you can continue to grow your business and expand your customer base.
Mapping Plans for Every Business

Epic Visibility’s mapping plans can be customized to meet the needs, goals and budget of any business. Just some of the major local maps we are experienced at placing business in (and enhancing their listings in) include:

  • Google Maps
  • Bing Maps
  • Yahoo Maps
benefits of having current business listings in local maps
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Providing potential new clients with up-to-date information about your business in real time – On any device, potential customers can see your business’ contact information, as well as whether your business is open at the moment they are looking for it. They can also get driving directions to your business, immediately click-to-call your business or read reviews and ratings for your business
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Better rankings for your business’ website in search engines – Optimized listings in local maps can provide SEO benefits to businesses sites, possibly boosting these sites in SERPs, further enhancing traffic and visibility
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More traffic, leads and new business – Making it as easy as possible for people to locate your business and find out more about it can improve conversion rates, turning more online users into new customers for your business
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