Video Production & Optimization Services


Video Production & Optimization Services at Epic Visibility

Videos and other visual content on your website can bring your company to life to an online audience. In fact, while videos can establish a more personal connection with prospective clients, they can also promote:

  • Better rankings in search engines – Videos provide another form of optimized content, aside from text, that can be viewed, indexed and ranked.
  • More conversions – Videos can enhance the text or provide an alternative to reading, increasing the likelihood that your message and call-to-action will get across – and that users will respond to it (especially mobile users).

At Epic Visibility, our video production specialists are ready to work closely with you to develop compelling, engaging videos for your business and its website. Skilled at showcasing businesses’ brands and personalities, our specialists can help you create dynamic, appealing video content that will enhance your company’s visibility, credibility and presence online.

Our video production service offerings include (but are not exclusive to):

  • Production planning and strategizing
  • Filming and production – Our team will coordinate with you and work around your schedule to meet you at your location of choice.
  • Video editing and post-production services
  • Video optimization
  • Video transcription
  • Video distribution and promotion, including via YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, local networks, etc.

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