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Online Reputation Management Services

epic Reviews:
Empowering Businesses to Take Charge of their Online Reviews & Improve their Reputation

How many online reviews have been posted about your business?

How many poor reviews does your business have?

What’s your business’ average rating across different review sites?

Many business owners can’t answer these questions, nor do they have the time to check, monitor and address their online reviews. And that CAN be hurting them in a major way when it comes to online consumers, new clients and growing their business.

Epic Visibility offers an effective solution through Epic Reviews. This dynamic service offering empowers business owners to:

  • Easily take control of their online reviews and reputation
  • Improve their online ratings across major, minor and industry-specific review sites
  • Leverage their good reviews to enhance brand awareness
  • Position them to be the top choice among the competition.
With Epic Reviews, your business can develop and maintain a stellar online reputation and see more online consumers turn into new clients.
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For a FREE, No Obligations AUDIT of Your Online Reviews
We are ready to evaluate your business’ online reputation and develop a customized plan to improve and monetize your company’s online reviews.
The Power & Impact Online Reviews: Why Businesses Should Care about Them

According to the latest findings on the impacts of online reviews, it’s more critical than ever for business owners to invest in monitoring and managing their online reviews:1

  • 95% of Internet-using consumers search for local businesses online
  • 91% read online reviews about local business, and the majority check at least 2 review sites before making a decision
  • 84% trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation
  • 73% think that reviews older than 3 months are irrelevant.
What You Get with Epic Reviews: The Services & Benefits

Epic Reviews is comprehensive service that manages all aspects of the online review process so businesses can effectively enhance their online reputation while monetizing their reviews. With Epic Reviews, you get:

  • Important insights about your current online reviews and ratings – Our experts will analyze the reviews and ratings for your business across minor, major and industry-specific review sites, assembling our findings in a Review Report Card. This will compare your reviews and ratings to those of your competitors, highlighting opportunities for improvement.
  • Dynamic features designed to get more reviews – We will strategically implement various features to make it as easy as possible for clients (past and current) to review your business wherever and whenever they are ready. While this aspect of Epic Reviews will be tailored to your needs and goals, some of the things we can do include adding eye-catching review widgets to email signatures, automating email sequences to remind clients to review your business and incorporating review calls-to-action on your website.
Our flexible, competitively priced plans can be customized to fit your needs, goals & budget.
We have month-to-month options, custom contracts and
significantly discounted annual service plans.
  • Real-time monitoring of newly posted reviews – Our state-of-the-art systems allows for real-time monitoring and immediate email alerts as soon as any new review for your business is posted. This lets you take prompt action to address poor reviews and prevent them from hurting your business’ online reputation. It also enables you to follow up via an automated email to request additional feedback (with a prompt like ‘We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If we fell short, please tell us how so we can address your concerns.’).
  • Multi-platform broadcasting of positive reviews – We will promote your best reviews with various methods and across various platforms, including via social media posts and featured widgets, dedicated pages and features on your website, email signature widgets and much more. This effectively puts your positive reviews right in front of potential clients wherever and however they may come across your business online.
Epic Reviews Can Be the Key to Optimizing Your Business’ Online Reputation &
Monetizing Your Online Reviews by Converting More Online Consumers into New Clients.
Let’s Improve Your Business’ Online Reviews, Reputation & Visibility: Contact Epic Visibility Today
Stop letting poor, dated or minimal reviews turn potential clients away from your business. Take charge of your online reviews and reputation with Epic Reviews.
Call (303) 515-7191 or email us for a FREE, no obligations Review Audit.
The experts at Epic Visibility are ready to partner with you to create, maintain and improve your business’ online reputation so you can see your great reviews turn into a growing client base and increasing profits.
1: Findings from a 2017 Industry Survey
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