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Twitter Marketing Services

Enhance Your Business’ Visibility on Twitter

Every day, about 400 million tweets are posted, and industry experts predict that Twitter will grow by nearly 25 percent over the next few years.

While getting your business on Twitter can be an effective way to connect with potential new clients or customers, it can also help your business monitor customer feedback, as well as your competitors’ activities.

Let Epic Visibility create a strong presence for your business on Twitter.

At Epic Visibility, our range of affordable, flexible social media marketing plans can help your business gain traction on Twitter and/or other social media networks.

Don’t have a Twitter account yet? No problem, we can set up and optimize a Twitter account for your business.

Has your Twitter account languished? Or does it have little to no following? We can reinvigorate your business’ Twitter account, expanding your reach and visibility in this growing social network.
Benefits of Twitter Use for Businesses

With Epic Visibility managing your business’ Twitter account, your business can:

  • Benefit from an influx of traffic to its website, potentially enhancing your site’s rankings in search engines
  • Stay connected with mobile users, who are not only more likely to use Twitter but who are also more likely to be looking for actionable information about a business (such as contact information)
  • Cultivate more followers for all of your business’ social media pages
  • Develop a compelling “voice” for your business that can solidify a personal connection with Twitter users
  • Position its unique offerings, events or opportunities to go viral.
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