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Stand Out From the Crowd: How to Build Your Social Media Presence

When it comes to reaching your desired audience, having a social media presence is a no-brainer for any company. Having your business represented on these various platforms can really help you boost your credibility, interaction rate, and of course, presence. However, with social media being such an easy medium to get into, there is no doubt that you’ll quickly see your competitors try to outdo you. Although it might be a little overwhelming to keep up, there are ways to cut through the noise. The following list entails some of the best ways to have your business stand out from the crowd.
Determine the Platforms
Determining what platforms you are wishing to be active on is often something most leaders tend to neglect. There are various reasons why this should be taken into careful consideration. One of the most obvious is the connection between you and that medium. A few questions to ask yourself include, “Can I produce daily content for this platform?”, “Is this where my audience is?”, and “Do I know this platform well enough?” Other areas to consider are the amount of time you can realistically contribute to these platforms. One of the most common mistakes is the amount of platforms business leaders attempt to stay active on. The fact is that too much presence can water down your content and in fact, overexpose your business.
Decide What You Want to Accomplish
You shouldn’t be on social media for the sake of being on social media. A business must understand their primary strategy and tactics before putting themselves out there in the world. Properly constructing a well-crafted marketing plan can provide you with concrete data, goals, and results over the long-term. This means posting images that directly correlate with a specific product or service in mind. Although it’s rather challenging to pinpoint the ROI of a social media post, it is certainly not impossible. Many old school business owners tend to stray away from this because of its difficulty in receiving an accurate ROI, but with the right strategy, it can be accomplished. One of the ways you can track this is by adding links to your bio. A link to your bio will tell your website analytics exactly where your website visits are coming from, thus giving a good indication if your posts are resonating with your audience.
Look Professional
Help your followers understand your brand by uploading current photos and taking the time to make your pages look professional. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to theme your account. People like consistency in a brand that goes from the quality of their products to the look of a company’s social media account. This can be easily done by simply sticking to a distinct color palette or approach, such as using the same filter for all your photos. Another way to make your posts look professional is through creating a good caption for each photo. The point of a caption within a business account is not to make a sale (as counterintuitive as that sounds) but to create a conversation with your audience. Conversation creates interest which creates trust and ultimately creates sales for your business.
Interact Like a Human
There is a reason why many people don’t trust some of the biggest corporations, and that is because they are essentially faceless entities. One of the worst mistakes new business owners make is thinking that because these big companies are faceless and successful, they should follow suit. However, this cannot be further from the truth. Established companies have the luxury of being known already by their customers; you don’t. Thus, it is vital to be as human as possible when you are interacting or posting to your customers. This can also be accomplished by posting your everyday office activities, meetings, etc. Essentially, people want to see that your company has a soul and are not only in it to take their money.
Stay Active
Lastly, the downfalls of not staying active are too often seen in startups. This is largely due in part to over-estimating the amount of time that running a social media page really takes, lack of confidence in its ROI, etc. These can be easily combated by simply pre-creating your posts and timing them to be posted on your account on certain times. Other ways to continue to be active is to simply schedule 10 to 15-minute blocks to accomplish this task every day, thus making it much more manageable. We cannot stress enough the importance of staying active on your account.

Today competition on social media could not be any higher, but it is not impossible to stand out from the crowd. Simply adhere to the recommendations listed above, and you’ll no doubt have a leg up on the competition.
Does starting your social media campaign seem too daunting? Check out our plans and solutions that will help any business, regardless of where you are on the journey. Contact us today!
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